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Negócios B2B

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Excellence down the line

Drilling, fracking, producing, processing, compressing or liquefying natural gas: many core operations of the Oil & Gas industry where reliability is so critical and safety so crucial to maximize return on investment. 

From remote deep water frontiers to oil and gas fields in the Arctic, we are delivering the solutions you need. Our field expertise in dealing with lubrication of oil and gas production facilities help you reach operational excellence down the line, wherever you operate.

We offer a comprehensive range of lubricating oils for hydraulic systems, gears, compressors as well as heat transfer fluids and specialty greases suitable for the Oil and Gas industry.

our services

  • We know what it takes to manage lubrication of facilities located in remote areas and harsh environments.
  • We help you overcome technical and logistic challenges related to the lubrication of your equipment.
  • Count on our support and focus simply on your core business.
  • We help you standardize your lubricants portfolio to simply storage in tights spaces and ensure maximum reliability of your machinery